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Meet Joyce

Licensed Certified Social Worker

Joyce Schimenti is a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) and has spent her career working in the field of behavioral health. As a therapist, Joyce's role was to empower individuals and families to overcome problems and to improve the quality of their lives during tough times.

For the past decade, Joyce has been working in the management of an outpatient behavioral health clinic. Her job is to ensure the quality of care for consumers. Joyce understands how critically important it is to have access to healthcare. She knows firsthand the devastating effects on individuals and families when there are barriers to healthcare access.

Joyce has also been a small business owner. Joyce and her husband built a restaurant in Bismarck in 2001 and operated it until it was sold in 2018. DJ's Restaurant was home to award-winning burgers and the best customers. Joyce knows how to run a business and and what it takes to meet payroll. She knows how important it is for food service employees to have access to healthcare. She understands the challenges of being a small business owner and realizes what we're up against.

Joyce watched as our Governor, literally, went all the way around the world to offer tax breaks to Chinese companies while ignoring companies in his backyard.

Joyce will champion small businesses by promoting tax breaks for startups in the State of Arkansas.